Campaign: Parker Solar Probe 19th Perihelion

March 29 – April 1, 2024

Encounter nineteen was well-aligned for good Earth-based footpoint observations during the outbound portion of Parker’s encounter. Ballistic mapping predicted that the footpoint of Parker Solar Probe will cross the east limb on to the solar disk prior shortly before perihelion (2024 March 30th) and remain on disk until approximately 2024 April 1st. This encounter was also unique in that there is the potential for Parker Solar Probe to be magnetically connected to both Solar Orbiter and STEREO-A on March 31st, with Parker at ~0.121 au, Solar Orbiter at 0.34 au, and STEREO-A at ~1au. Additionally, while the footpoints of Parker Solar Probe passed over the west limb before the total eclipse on April 8th, it will be roughly at quadrature from Earth, and as such was in a good position to connect eclipse observations to observations from Parker Solar Probe. To aid in coordinating observations, footpoint predictions were issued daily from 2024 March 29 through 2024 April 1. Footpoint predictions also included updates on the likelihood of flare activity from currently visible active regions based on the CCMC Flare Scoreboard.

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