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Join us in creating a "third data point", as we chart our star's influence across the millennia!

WHPI Data Portal

The WHPI HSO Connect Data and Modeling Access Portal is live! If you have a data, model, tool, or other resource that you have prepared, the portal will connect users to all of your assets.

WHPI AGU Journals Special Issue

A set of papers on WHPI science can be found here: Understanding the interconnected Sun-Heliospheric-Planetary System during Solar Minimum

WHPI Web Colloquia

To continue to promote discussion and collaborations across the various heliophysics and planetary disciplines, we are hosting a series of monthly WHPI Web Colloquia. Each colloquium will consist of two 20 min presentations + 5-10min for questions.

More information at our Colloquia Page

WHPI Show and Tell Days

For more information on past and future events, see our Show and Tell Page

Library of tutorials

Past Meetings & Presentations

Links to WHPI presentations and posters from past science meetings can be found on our Science Page.


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