WHPI Show and Tell Days

The first WHPI "Show and Tell" days occurred on Monday-Tuesday September 14th-15th, 2020. If interested, please see our archive of presentations or click on links in agenda below.

WHPI Show and Tell Agenda

Monday Sept 14

Tuesday Sept 15

We are planning future Show and Tell days to highlight more observations, as well as modeling and analysis techniques -- check back for further information. Note that all talks will remain available on our web page as a library of tutorials that can be accessed at any time.

What distinguishes this from the WHPI colloquia and WHPI AGU session is that these should be aimed at stimulating cross-disciplinary collaborations. So for example, you could provide a tutorial about how to use your model or dataset or data analysis tool.

To participate, please send your name and the title of the presentation to whpi_help@hao.ucar.edu and we will provide further information about how to submit your 15 minute pre-recorded presentation.