WHPI Show and Tell Library

These are presentations that were part of the WHPI Show & Tell Days

Accessing and using Expanded Owens Valley Solar Array (EOVSA) data for PSP

Dale Gary, NJIT

Advanced Modular Incoherent Scatter Radar Data Tutorial

Roger Varney, SRI

Global-scale Observations of Limb & Disk (GOLD): Data Access and Use

Katelynn Greer, CU/LASP

IRSOL contribution for the Parker campaign

Renzo Ramelli/Franziska Zeuner/Emilia Capozzi, IRSOL

Jicamarca Radio Observatory

Marco Milla/Karim Kuyeng, JRO

Long-term archival solar observations

Alexei Pevtsov, NSO

Madrigal data access tutorial

Phil Erickson/Bill Rideout, MIT

Mauna Loa Solar Observatory WHPI Tutorial

Joan Burkepile, NCAR/HAO

Parker Solar Probe Show and Tell

Robert Allen, JHU/APL

Solar Orbiter Mission and Archive Presentation

Pedro Osuna, ESA

Solar Orbiter Mission and Archive Demo

Pedro Osuna, ESA

Supporting PSP Mission with High-resolution Data at BBSO

Vasyl Yurchyshyn/Wenda Cao, BBSO/NJIT

Tutorial on downloading solar irradiance data

Marty Snow, CU/LASP